Callum Jones

Perth, Western Australia

I help build products for companies that do amazing things on the web, from web applications to powerful backend systems.

I've worked with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, ASP.NET MVC 5, Amazon Web Services, Objective-C, and Knockout.JS to help deliver modern role separated applications for mobile platforms and the web. I believe in skinny controllers and zero divide between your API and frontend.

I want to work on applications that push the world forward, products that people love and enjoy using. Products should have a prupose in someone's life and it should not be a burden on their minds, applications that people dread are slowly dying and being replace with products built by people that care. People and software, engineered to work together.

In my short break between my next job I'm working with a local startup to build their first prototype from scratch. Powered by ASP.NET MVC 5; this web application utilises workers for powerful and reactive metric calculation and data collection, frontend D3 charts for rendering of metrics and a complete continuous integration/deployment pipeline for quick turnarounds.

I've worked for Discovr helping build their backend API application for the iOS client. I developed techniques for the discovery of new tracks being first played on radio, artist content from Facebook/YouTube and blogs as well as helping streamline approval of artist pages. During our launch efforts I helped track down and reduce troublesome MySQL queries.

Prior to that I worked with enterprise and consulting companies to deliver web and mobile applications for the health and risk industries using a selection of Rails, iOS and ASP.NET MVC.

In my earlier years I worked for Rummble building their new Facebook API application and integrations, while in London I learned the value of startups.

I've mentored at RailsGirls, participated in GovHacks and spoken about Ruby on Rails.

I enjoy consuming music.



  • weave

    Weave is a tool that allows you to generate configuration packages for your varying configuration groups. It merges your base with each configuration group, while also applying exclusions.

    • golang weave devops
  • Extended

    A free iPhone app for discovering great DJ sets with position saving to iCloud (for SoundCloud).

    • ios objective-c
  • media_baron

    A library for interacting with the BBC and TripleJ radio stations for pulling playlist information and downloading radio shows programatically.

    • ruby
  • RickshawSubGraph

    Example extension to provide selectable sub graph rendering in Rickshaw.js graphs.

    • javascript
  • SlimMigration

    Work in Progress library providing basic Rails like migrations for slim SQLite based Objective C projects.

    • sqlite objective-c cocoa
  • Tedious

    A tool developed at Discovr to aid in quickly reviewing links for approval in a browser courtesy of bookmarklets.

    • rails ruby
  • metrix

    A basic metric recording web service powered by Go and backed by Redis.

    • redis golang


  • DockerConf

    My public Docker configuration set, controlled by weave (to merge in my SSH keys)

    • weave docker devops
  • MyAnsible

    My public Ansible configuration

    • ansible devops
  • NUnit database helper

    A quick way for NUnit tests to gain access to a live DBContext.

    • .net c# nunit entity-framework
  • NUnit database helper

    A quick way for NUnit tests to gain access to a live DBContext.

    • .net c# nunit entity-framework

    Record MySQL commands being executed on a client, useful for when you don't access to the server (AWS RDS)

    • mysql
  • Ruby app Dockerfile bootstrap

    Example Dockerfile for booting up a Ruby application updated from a Git repo.

    • docker ruby git
  • GruntJS example frontend application

    BackboneJS frontend application managed by GruntJS

    • javascript backbone